October 31, 2011 – Blue Prairie Group, a leading fee-based retirement and investment consulting firm, has made significant enhancements to its Fiduciary-based Investment Consulting™ report designed for its ERISA retirement plan sponsor clients.

The changes were the result of client suggestions over the past year since the Fiduciary-based Investment Consulting™ report was first rolled out in early 2010 and is part of Blue Prairie Group’s continuous effort to improve its investment monitoring report by proving key, actionable information for its busy fiduciary clients. 

The new report design includes features such as a high-level business plan to track for busy clients and a renaming of the “Legislative Outlook” section to “Industry Trends” in order to reflect a broader content perspective. Also, the report now includes a National Normative Data section so clients can better understand how their plan compares against plans of similar size and industry in the critical areas of plan design and total plan costs. In addition, the investment manager write-ups written by Blue Prairie Group’s own Investment Analytics Group, have been strengthened by in-depth qualitative analysis based on extensive interviews with the actual fund managers.