Blue Prairie Group Releases Updated Stable Value Database Executive Summary

Chicago, IL – January 27, 2013 – Blue Prairie Group (“BPG”), a Chicago-based institutional retirement and investment consulting firm, released its most recent findings from its stable value database.

Every quarter, Blue Prairie Group updates its stable value database based on questionnaire results from 17 leading stable value providers representing over $140 billion of stable value assets. BPG summarizes the findings and releases them in an executive summary format that is then made available on Blue Prairie Group’s website. The information is free and is available about 6 – 8 weeks after the end of each quarter. Please click on the following link to access the Blue Prairie Group website: (Interested parties can also sign up to receive notification each time the data is updated.)

“We believe that stable value is one of the most important asset classes in a retirement plan because of its ability to deliver a safe return with significantly lower volatility,” said Matt Gnabasik, Managing Director of Blue Prairie Group. “The purpose of this quarterly executive summary is to provide plan sponsors, their advisors and the media a source of good, objective information about this important ERISA-specific asset class so that all can gain a sense of how their stable value fund stacks up against the norm, and to stay apprised of broad trends in the marketplace.”

Summary of Key Findings:

  1. Performance of the underlying portfolios this quarter for the 1-year period ranged from 1.35% to 3.8%, while performance over a 3-year annualized period ranged from 1.30% to 4.18%. Our data shows that, on average, 1-year investment returns have decreased slightly since last quarter.
  2. Market-to-book ratios generally increased this quarter to an average 1.35% due to a depressed interest rate environment and a weakening and volatile equity market which drove up the price of bonds.
  3. Stable value funds offered by insurance companies, in either a traditional “guaranteed investment contract” (GIC) or a Separate Account GIC structure, had the highest returns as a result of having higher levels of underlying portfolio credit risk, duration, or a combination of both.

Stable Value Database Press Release 1-27-13


About Blue Prairie Group

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