BPG Investment Backbone

In order to create and manage strong risk-adjusted investment portfolios for our clients, we’ve built an extensive investment infrastructure. The foundational elements of our investment consulting “backbone” are the Investment Committee (IIC), Asset Allocation Forum (AAF), and our Investment Analytics Group (IAG).

Our Chief Investment Officer, Gary Silverman, CFA, heads up our Internal Investment Committee (IIC) and is responsible for setting overall firm policy. Our Investment Committee meets monthly and is responsible for overseeing our investment processes, workflows, and overall fiduciaruy governance decision-making process.

Our Investment Analytics Group (IAG) is comprised of dedicated investment analysts whose sole focus is on portfolio analysis and manager research. Because of the importance of qualitative analysis in BPG’s investment consulting process, IAG speaks with upwards of 150 separate money managers in any given year.

The Asset Allocation Forum (AAF) meets weekly to review the overall direction of our client’s portfolios. It is responsible for analyzing and interpreting market and economic data, creating forward-looking forecasts for asset class returns, and creating investment strategies to minimize risk while increasing returns. A sub-committee of our Investment Commitee, the AAF is chaired by the CIO and includes investment consultants and analysts. Asset allocation modeling and testing is performed by our Investment Analytics Group and the results are presented to our Investment Committee who approves the allocations.

BPG’s senior investment consultant, Gary Silverman, is involved in all three organizations (IIC, AAF, and IAG.)