What is “qualitative” analysis?

Blue Prairie Group’s investment analysts conduct in–depth analysis by reading the prospectus, semi–annual report, regulatory filings and conducting in–depth interviews with portfolio managers. BPG’s analysts then assess the portfolio–based characteristics of a fund. This step is critical because it allows our analysts to go beyond a fund’s performance, and to understand why a fund performed the way it did. Some of the dimensions of analysis include the fund’s style purity and consistency, its diversification, sector weightings, and holdings. We think that qualitative analysis is a necessary step in understanding investment performance and one that few investment consultants actually perform.

What does the BPG investment report architecture look like?

Our reports are designed for busy fiduciaries — our clients. We present key, actionable information up front so our clients can focus on what’s important. After a brief recap of the last meeting, we provide high level plan information, then present the SmartCard™ at which point we move on to our specific recommendations. All necessary investment detail is found in the back of the report.

What is the BPG SmartCard™?

Our proprietary SmartCard™ is a powerful fiduciary tool that links current investment performance back to the selection and monitoring criteria established in the client’s investment policy statement (IPS.) The SmartCard™ is designed to be easily understood, to allow for quick action and to demonstrate fiduciary prudence. Blue Prairie Group’s investment analytics group evaluates each fund across multiple quantitative and qualitiative metrics. The data is then color coded in an easy–to–understand, single page format so that fiduciaries are able to quickly determine if further action is required. The rest of the investment report supports the SmartCard™ with specific recommendations and additional detail written in plain English.

What is a BPG fiduciary alert?

The asset management business is one of the most dynamic global industries around today, with events that may affect your investment portfolio occurring at lightening speed. Our job is to continually monitor our clients’ investment options and to quickly alert them if a major event takes place. When this happens, we immediately send out an electronic fiduciary alert to inform you of the situation and advise you of what action, if any, we recommend you take.

What is the BPG Watch List?

One of the responsibilities of our analyst team is to maintain our proprietary Watch List. When a manager is placed on the internal BPG Watch List, it signifies that our BPG investment analysts are closely monitoring the situation and will make appropriate recommendations for the client, based on their continuing analysis.

What is the BPG Select List?

Every year, BPG analysts screen 20 core asset classes looking for the best–in–breed asset managers. They run several quantitative screens narrowing the list down, and then conduct additional qualitative analysis. We maintain our own internal Select List of 2–3 low cost, style pure, consistently performing managers for each core asset class. Our clients benefit because our Select List never grows stale and, because it’s comprehensive, we can create a manager replacement report quickly if the situation warrants it.