Matt’s Blog
Matt Gnabasik is the founder and managing director of Blue Prairie Group. He writes about retirement, investments, ERISA and other things that come to mind.

Take Advantage of Fee Disclosures

For plan sponsors, now is the time to take advantage of the fast-approaching world of fee disclosures. Whether you use a broker, consultant or go direct, the soon-to-be-implemented 408(b)(2) fee disclosures provide a real opportunity to get a handle on plan costs as well as to implement several best practices when it comes to fees. [ read more ]

Blue Prairie Group’s Stable Value Database, Second Generation

Now that our SV d-base is up and running, we are already working on the next generation. Not only are we adding more providers to the d-base, we are also creating a ranking scheme to evaluate the various products. The idea is simple – create a comprehensive, yet to easy-to understand way for sponsors to [ read more ]

The BPG Plan Health Smartcard™

We created a powerful diagnostic tool – the BPG Plan Health Smartcard™. It’s designed to give DC plan sponsors a holisitic overview of their plan expressed as a numerical score.  The methodology is based on two fundamental assumptions: that the purpose of an ERISA-sponsored retirement plan is to maximize the chance that participants will achieve [ read more ]

Hedging Against Volatility

The S&P 500 was flat for the year but what a ride…The extreme volatility makes me wonder about plan participants close to retirement – how do they hedge against extreme volatility? One strategy is to park assets in their plan’s stable value option where – depending on the stable value product used – it should [ read more ]

Welcome !

Welcome to our new website ! We’ve added quite a bit of new content and we’ll be adding to that in the next few weeks. Please bear with us –I’m sure there will be some hiccups as we refine the site. This is my first blog and I’ll be learning as I go along. I’ll be [ read more ]