BPG Prairiedigm


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Blue Prairie Group’s proprietary, retirement success Prairiedigm™ is a multi-dimensional diagnostic and strategic consulting framework that allows BPG clients and consultants to objectively evaluate and improve all types of  ERISA retirement plans. 

 The Prairiedigm™ helps fiduciaries :

  • Think holistically about the overall health of the plan.
  • Focus on driving positive results across the entire plan for the benefit of participants.
  • Reduce the risk profile of plan fiduciaries.

The main goals of any ERISA retirement plan:

  • To facilitate retirement readiness for participants.
  • To improve the plan and reduce the risk profile of plan fiduciaries.

Our consulting philosophy and our entire service suite derives from these goals. Our proprietary, 24/7 Fiduciary-based Investment ConsultingTM  leads to optimal investment outcomes while minimizing risk for plan sponsors.