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Managed Accounts Buyer's Guide

This guide is meant to serve as a resource for plan sponsors who are considering the adoption of a managed account (“MA”) solution in their retirement plan. MAs are gaining popularity in the defined contribution retirement plan space, both in terms of utilization, and product offerings. Given the complexity of MAs, and the various implications that their adoption can have on participant retirement outcomes, we’ve published this guide to help plan sponsors navigate the process around analyzing MAs and deciding whether or not they might be an appropriate solution for their plan.

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What's Reasonable? Rule of Thumb Benchmark for 401(k) Adivosry Fees

Plan sponsors are increasingly aware of their fiduciary responsibility to ensure that their plan only pay “reasonable fees” to their service providers. While commonly used benchmarks on recordkeeping and investment data are readily available, there is far less information on the fees plan sponsors pay to their advisors.

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Top Ten Terms in Retirement Plans

As an advisor, we live and breathe the retirement plan world. All too often, we throw around the common acronyms and assume everyone understands the meaning and importance. To get you up to speed and launch the new year right, we’ve mapped out the top ten terms.

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