Stable Value Commentary
Stable value funds are a popular investment option that are frequently used in defined contribution plans, however, many plan sponsors don’t understand them.

Our Investment Analytics Group (IAG) collects detailed quarterly information from the country’s leading stable value providers and summarizes it for our clients as part of our Fiduciary-based Investing Consulting™ process.  To learn more about how stable value funds work, please read through our Stable Value Primer.

Stable Value Market Update 3-31-2017

Blue Prairie Group Stable Value Database
3/31/2017 Quarterly Update

Stable Value Market Update 3-31-2017

Stable Value Market Update 12-31-2016

Blue Prairie Group Stable Value Database
12/31/2016 Quarterly Update

BPG Stable Value Market Update 12/31/2016

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Stable Value Primer

Stable value is comprised of diverse product types, and a risk/return profile that is unique from more traditional fixed income or conservative asset classes. Blue Prairie Group knows that learning about this complex asset class, and the products within it, can be a daunting task. We’ve published our Stable Value Primer to provide the information that plan sponsors need to know:

  • What are stable value products?
  • How do they work?
  • How “safe” are they?
  • What are the different stable value product types?
  • What are the key questions a plan sponsor should ask a provider when considering stable value options?