BPG is different than most other RIA firms in that we have a deep investment infrastructure including our own dedicated team of investment analysts. Because we act as fiduciaries to all of our clients' investment portfolios, we believe strongly that our investment analysis, research and recommendations are too important to outsource to third parties or to rely on product manufacturers' conflicted/self-interested advice.

Investment Philosophy

We have a distinct philosophy and approach with respect to selecting investment managers and the infrastructure required to back up our recommendations. We use investment managers that are low-cost, low-risk and diversified. Portfolio allocations are not static — they are dynamic and must be managed over time. We treat asset allocation as a process, not just a description. Rebalancing the portfolio to keep the risk or return profile on target is a critical success factor.

Investment Analyst Training & Development

Our investment analysts conduct primary research, talk to portfolio managers and provide clear and concise recommendations to our clients. They are dedicated, full-time investment analysts with a clearly defined career path at BPG, formal training and well-defined developments budgets.  All anaysts have either earned their CFA designation or are enrolled as CFA candidates.

Investment Infrastructure

Blue Prairie Group has invested significant resources into building out its investment infrastructure. We do this to ensure that our clients experience a well defined and successful investment experience.

  • Chief Investment Officers – Gary Silverman, CFA and Constantine Mulligan, CFA - are equity partners at the firm and provide overall leadership to the investment function at Blue Prairie Group.
  • BPG Internal Investment Committee (IIC):  The IIC oversees our investment analyst’s processes, workflows and overall fiduciary governance decision-making process.
  • Asset Allocation Forum (AAF): As a subset of the IIC, the AAF analyzes and interprets market and economic data, creating forward-looking forecasts for asset class returns. We use this information to build and maintain efficient and low-risk investment discretionary portfolios.
  • Research: We focus on research that is practical and relevant for our institutional and private clients. Through our proprietary investment research methodology and in-house databases, we continually review and scrutinize an extensive network of high-quality institutional money managers who specialize in specific areas of the markets.

Our Investment Research is Used by Other Advisory Firms

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we receive high praise indeed from our industry. Our investment research is used by advisors and advisory firms across the country.